Monday, August 01, 2005

Classic Review: Bay Area Playaz Compilation

Review by Billy Jam...

This review originally appeared in the November 1995 issue of No Joke newsletter.

Bay Area Playaz, the much anticipated compilation about to drop from Anonymous Records, is the ultimate Bay Area rap compilation containing as it does, the best rappers and producers from the greater Bay Area all delivering their very best (all original) tracks! This impressive playlist, which tops all the previously released Bay Area compilations, reads like a who's who of Bay Area rap. It includes triple-dope tracks from the likes of RBL Posse, Knumskull of the Luniz, JT The Bigga Figga, Master P and TRU, The Delinquents, Totally Insane, Guce, Sean T, GLP, Young Cellski, Hitman, The Link Crew, Mr. El, Sh'killa and talented newcomers, Street Thugs, whose song "Deep In The Game" could well be an underground smash.

From start to finish, Bay Area Playaz is one of those records that grabs your attention and never lets go. "It's the sort of tape that you never want to hit fast forward on," enthused project producer T. Cee. One of the reasons for this is the variety of sounds found on Bay Area Playaz courtesy of the various producers such as K-Lou, DJ Fuze, Cellski, Sean T, The Enhancer and JT.

With preview demo copies of Bay Area Playaz already a hot item on the rap underground circuit, pundits are picking their favorite tracks. Most seem to agree that RBL Posse, the popular Hunters Point duo comprised of Black C and Mr. Cee, have delivered one of their best tracks with "Miz Me" while the fun and cleverly scripted "Captain Wreck-A-Hoe" from Knumskull has already become other's clear favorite on the compilation. Another crowd pleaser is the instantly engaging JT The Bigga Figga's "X-Filez" which is also a tribute to KMEL, the station that helped launch the Fillmore rapper and his crew (the GLP) to national fame and fortune.

Another Priority Records artist, Richmond's Master P and his posse TRU, also deliver some of their best work with the track, "I'm A Gee." Other standout tracks include East Oakland power duo The Delinquents killer track "Can't Be Stopped," The Link Crew's "The World In My Eyes" which is the album's first single, East Palo Alto rapper Sean T's "M Dash One" and Hitman's "Everyday." Bay Area Playaz is definitely the ultimate Bay Area rap compilation.


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