Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malice & Mr. Illmannered's B-Day Bash

A few weeks ago I went to a birthday bash for my buddy Mr. Illmannered (Apt. 3/DNA Entertainment) at the lovely Boulevard Bar & Grill up in Rohnert Park. They were also celebrating the birthday of Apt. 3/DNA Entertainment artist Malice. DJ Mark 7 manned the DJ booth and Bay Area legends T-Gunna (aka Tayda Tay of 11/5), UDI, Big Drawz and more came through to kick it. Here's some flicks courtesy of G-Dubb, Dana and Boogie...

Big Drawz of 2-11 gettin' the party started in the parking lot. Box wine is the lick.

Trecherous Tic on the mic. Tic might be the funniest dude I've met in a while.

Malice and Mr. Illmannered with Big Ant on the mic.

Twan Goddi, T-Gunna of 11/5, Big Ant and Mr. Illmannered.

Quint of UDI, Malice and friend.

T-Gunna of 11/5, Big Ant, Mr. Illmannered, Twan Goddi doing some Bay Area rap karaoke.

Chicks dig Bay Area rap music.

Big Ant and T-Gunna of 11/5.

Boogie and Trecherous Tic.

Malice and Mr. Illmannered.

Big Ant, Mr. Illmannered and Twan Goddi.

The ladies approve of the festivities.

All in all it was a great night. No drama, great music (all classic Bay cuts, no hyphy crap) and I got to see some people I haven't seen or talked to in years (Pig Pen, UDI, T-Gunna, etc...)

Also, Mr. Illmannered and DJ Mark 7 are going to be throwing regular parties at the same place starting in October. The parties are basically for artists to come kick it with each other and fans. I'm sure every once in a while there will be performances, but overall I think the functions will be just for artists and fans to mix and mingle. Here's the flyer for the kickoff party, The Mobb Shindig...

Here's what Mr. Illmannered has to say about the series of parties:
"Anyone who was there with us less than a month ago remembers how sick it was. Please family, don't miss out. Mark 7 and I are trying to make this a regular party where fans and music execs are on the same level - last time, execs and fans respectfully thanked us for the way we set it up. Mark and I hire our own security so if anyone acts close to wrong, they are sent face first into the concrete. This is our opportunity, let's make it work for the best of all of us. Big thanks to the folks at the Boulevard for taking a chance on us."
And here's DJ Mark's 7's:
"I've never really been one to put my name on a party, concert, etc..., but since moving back to the Bay and going to a couple events I see the need for things like this. Artists who may have seen each other, but never really met or folks who haven't seen each other in a long time and having the chance to reunite on some positive shit without the pressures of performing and what not. Just a chill night to network, trade stories, pop at broads or whatever. Folks can just leave the egos at the door and help strengthen Bay music by showing unity.

It's really an open invitation to ANY artist or fan, etc... to come politic with the folks that make this whole Bay Area music thing happen... ie: EVERYONE.

So come by, have a drink and just have a good fuckin' time."
This first party will also be the launch party for Illmannered Street Wear. There will be 10 t-shirts to check out and buy that night as well as free giveaways. Get yourself out there!


Anonymous Cashflow420 said...

Damn that party looks like it was off the hook! Treacherous Tic needs to drop an album already!

February 28, 2008 9:54 PM  

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