Sunday, October 29, 2006

Never Tell A Bitch All Yo Business 'Cause One Day She Might Be An Eyewitness

Hey now, I'm back again. I moved to my new abode on October 7th and got my internet hooked up a few days later, but didn't get around to posting. I was busy getting situated, getting to know the new roomies (and the dog) and getting drunk at the house because my favorite fucking bar is closed down for 35 fucking days because of some bullshit with some undercover Alcoholic Beverage Control agents. So I've been drinking beer in the comfort of my own home lately. We had a pretty sweet Halloween party here the other night (I went as Dr. Goodfinger the gynecologist). Spectacular.

Anyway, here's some rap music related words, images, and sounds for you to read, see and hear. Blogging is easy!!

San Quinn (one of the few guys in the Bay who actually deserves some nationwide shine, but hasn't been getting nearly enough) is working on a new album. The tentative title is From A Boy To A Man. So far the only feature I've heard about is Tech N9ne, but Quinn really doesn't even need features in my opinion. I do have a list of producers who are contributing to the project: Traxamillion, Rick Rock, Daz, DJ Toomp (who does lots of beats for TI), Sean T and Davey D Cohn (who gave Quinn some nice beats on The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds earlier this year).

Here's a real nice track produced by DJ Toomp that is supposedly from the upcoming album:

"Bring The Game To The Table"
- San Quinn

I still haven't heard the entire NBA 2K7 soundtrack that Dan The Automator produced so I can't say much about it other than the couple songs I've heard are solid, but click HERE for a recent in-depth, informative interview with the man. If you're too goddamn lazy to read the interview, you can listen to it HERE. Lazy bastard.

I love doing this blog shit because it gets me open to so many people I may have never been exposed to. DJ Deeper from Rugged Soul Records shot me the new album from Aarophat, The Sound Volume 2: Vibe Music. Dude is nice on the mic.

Here's his bio followed by an album sampler and two full length tracks from the album...

For too long, Hip-Hop has been mired in lyrical mediocrity. Today anyone and everyone can pick up the mike and rhyme. Emcees are no longer expected or required to elevate. Instead they are expected to jump on the bandwagon of the hottest producers, to ill prepare themselves for fleeting success and to take a rapid rocket ride to the top of the charts. Lyricists aren't built to last these days. They are massed produced for quick millions and a hot summer single that will fade by the fall. Fortunately there is still raw talent bubbling under the surface. Riding the wave of a steady fan base and a rock solid reputation, Aarophat is the first of a crop of up and coming talent to make himself known. Youngstown, Ohio's premier lyricist has been writing and rhyming for as long as he can remember. He patterns himself after no one, but with a healthy respect for Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, Aarophat has set out to blaze new trails and leave his mark on the game.

With humble beginnings in the inner city of Youngstown, Aarophat's story isn't one of hard luck. He's not a killer, a drug dealer or pretending to be anything he's not. He grew up like everyone else, but his love of his craft began early. When those around him were drawn to quick money schemes and the streets, Aarophat felt the pull of the studio. Everything else became secondary. Resisting the traps of small town life, Aarophat has cultivated a broad fan base in his hometown and across the world. Utilizing the internet as a tool, he has been featured on websites such as,, and in the newsletter. On the strength of his talent alone, he has reached as high as #2 on the charts and was featured in an issue of Blaze Magazine.

Aarophat's aggressive lyricism adapts him to be equally at home rhyming over mid-tempo beats as he is riding a high powered funk track. He has proven himself to be a universally adept performer, able to appeal to audiences without sacrificing his underground credibility or his creative process. Aarophat delivers the total package.

He is equally convincing rhyming about Black on Black crime, suicide or male-female relationships as any other topic that's thrown at him. His unique voice shines brighter than the bass and beat allowing listeners to feel what he offers. There are no tricks here, no production hiding a lack of lyrical skill and no bubblegum hooks to be found. Aarophat has a style and presence that can not be measured. He stands alone on the horizon of Hip-Hop, more than prepared to move mountains.
Sound Volume 2: Vibe Music sampler - Aarophat

"Two Years" - Aarophat

"Let's Get Bigga" - Aarophat

Here's a new video from Young Ed (aka Big Bread Ed) for a track called "Black T'z and Hoody'z."

Nice to hear he's still keeping it gutter. Hopefully this means he has a new album coming soon. For the youngsters, Ed dropped a Bay Area classic called Time To Stack back in like '96. Research it.

Here's an old school Bay Area video for you... "Sliden" - Cobra w/ Dru Down, Knucklehead, Otis & Shugg...


Blogger AK-47 said...

hey whats up doxx. i just made a brand new blog called, and it has to do with my opinion on hip-hop and ill start posting more info on there but if you could check it out thanks.

October 31, 2006 7:12 PM  
Blogger mr. pilly wonk said...

that big bread ed video makes lakeview look hella gullier than it is. they did a really nice job.

November 06, 2006 5:55 PM  
Anonymous Elijah said...

So I hadn't heard of Cobra before, liked the song so I looked him up. Apparently there's some reggae artist called Cobra, and apparently dumbasses at who can't tell the difference.

Any chance I could get a reliable tracklist and list of guest appearances for this album?

November 21, 2006 8:07 AM  
Blogger CHINAWHITE said...



IRIE DOLE (jah warrior shelter-hi-fi)
ROSS HOGG(ital selection)
B.CAUSE (4Onefunk)

$5 10-11PM

December 23, 2006 4:09 PM  

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