Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Touch Of Newness

I know I said that for the first few weeks this blog would be showcasing classic shit from my old publications, No Joke newsletter and Strivin' magazine, but I have to throw this post in here not only to support my people, but to make sure you know about a high quality Bay Area compilation which we all know is hard to come by these days.

For a solid new compilation you need to cop Known Associates from my people over at Apt. 3/DNA Entertainment in association with Crosshair Records. 9 out of 10 compilations in recent years (actually since damn near '97) have been garbage with weak and/or recycled tracks, but Apt. 3/DNA doesn't play with that shit. If you heard their last compilation, Theme Music To Drug Dealin' & Killin', you know that they believe in giving the listener nothing but quality and Known Associates is no different.

I even provided them with two of the tracks on this compilation. I had been working on my own compilation and decided to abandon it so I had some completed tracks and nothing to put them on. It just so happened that my friend Gabe at Apt. 3/DNA needed a couple of songs to round out the Known Associates compilation so I provided him with two of the tracks I had completed - "Everytime" (by Rhythmx, Kaveo of The Mossie and San Quinn) and "Time Keeps Tickin'" (by Baldhead Rick of UNLV).

Along with those artists, the Known Associates roster of talent reads like a who's who of Bay Area street rap with a heavy representation of heavy hitters from the Bay's golden era. Check it out:

Ad Kapone of Totally Insane / Young Dru / Young D Boyz / Malice / Cold World Hustlers / 11/5 / Baby Menace / Neva Legal / C-Fresh of IMP / UDI / 2-11 / Dubee / The Gamblaz / D-Moe / Dush Tray / RJ of Black Madness / Kaoz The Assassin / ADR of Triple 6 / and a few more...

Solid all the way through.

For snippets of the entire compilation click here.


Blogger kreme said...

hey Doxx,

I didn't know where to post that but...this blog is awesome. keep up the good work, mang.

August 07, 2005 8:37 AM  
Blogger Doxx said...

Glad you enjoy it. Keep checking back for more updates. I checked your blog too. Thanks for the post about Strivin' and for linking me.

August 08, 2005 10:53 AM  

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