Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mr. Cee (RBL Posse) Dedication Track

This is a great RIP track for Mr. Cee of RBL Posse which appeared on a rare compilation called The Pusha' Man on The Road Productions. It features OG Herm on the intro, T-Lowe, Baldhead Rick of UNLV, Primo and a raw verse from Cougnut (RIP) of IMP.

"Tribute To Mr. Cee"

When you click that link scroll down and hit the "FREE" button. On the next screen, you have to wait for some crazy ass 13 second countdown shit and then you can click the "Download" link and the download will begin. A lot of bullshit just to listen to one song I know, but I still need to learn how to just post audio directly on this bitch. Until then, it's a great song so deal with it.



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