Thursday, August 11, 2005


Updates are going to be a little slowed down for a bit here.

When I started the blog I was doing all my posts from work since I have no computer at home anymore. The reason I could do them from work with no hassle is because about a month ago it was announced that my company would be closing. Because of that, my position's duties were essentially halted immediately so I literally have had no work to do since June 28th. I could sit at my desk and twiddle my thumbs all day or I could do something fun. I chose fun and started the blog.

Well, now I'm out of here as of 4:00 PM today and will be starting a new job on Monday morning. Obviously I won't be able to fuck around on the computer all day at my new job so I'll most likely be posting once a week or so from other people's computers for the next few weeks at least. But with the new jobby job paying me $10,000 more a year I can afford to buy a new computer for the house and get the high speed shit hooked up. So in a few weeks to a month I hope to be on a more consistent posting schedule.

Today is pretty busy with closing out my old job, but I'll try and post up another old school interview or two before I'm done here. If not, I'll post some stuff early next week from an undisclosed location.

Also, once the old shit runs out, the new features and interviews begin. I'm already starting to line up some new interviews and it looks like the first one will be with Bay Area legend Sean T. He's got a brand new album coming soon titled, Ain't Playin', on his own Get Gone Records. Look for the album and the interview soon.


Blogger CultStatus said...

hit me up via email if you can about how you arrange all these interviews.

Shorts still coming, publicist running a little "interference".


August 17, 2005 9:58 AM  

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