Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bay Area Audio Update (E-40/Casual/The Coup/Clyde Carson/Turf Talk/San Quinn/Lyrics Born/Zion I)

E-40 & Lyrics Born

Haven't had an update in a minute 'cause I'm working on a few different big posts right now so I figured I'd just drop a couple tracks that I've been listening to lately on ya'. Enjoy.

1) "Callin' Out-Remix" - Lyrics Born w/ E-40 & Casual
Some real energetic, bouncy funk shit. This has been out for a good while now, but I still really like it and I just re-found it after much searching of the interwebs. I really like the fact that Lyrics Born reached out to someone like 40 for this since I never imagined they would be on a track together. 40 sounds different than normal on this track, but he still puts in some real solid work as do LB and Casual. "...let me ask ya'll somethin', huh / straight up / is the Bay up in this mothafucka..."

2) "My Favorite Mutiny" - The Coup w/ Black Thought & Talib Kweli
I'm real happy to hear some new music from The Coup. They always had that revolutionary shit to actually make you think, not just nod your head. They have a new album called Pick A Bigger Weapon coming out soon on Epitaph Records. Judging by this track, Boots hasn't lost a step lyrically or productionwise (I'm assuming he produced this, but I'm not sure. It definitely reminds me of his work on Genocide & Juice).

3) "The Bay-Remix" - Zion I w/ Clyde Carson of The Team, Turf Talk, San Quinn & Casual
I'll be honest and say that I don't know much about Zion I from Oakland, but I've been seeing and hearing their name more and more lately. At this point I haven't actively looked into them yet, but this song definitely caught my ear and has sparked me into finding out more about the crew. Good look on getting a bunch of Bay hitters on here.

If any of the links die and you still need them, let me know so I can re-up them.

New interviews coming soon including The Jacka, super producer Rick Rock, Mac & AK, The Federation and many more. I think I'll be reaching out to The Coup soon and Lyrics Born as well for my second interview with him. I really want to make sure that STRIVIN' is wide-ranging and covers all aspects of Bay Area hip hop music from the "turf" shit all the way to the "backpack" shit or however people want to classify things. I like to cover it all and that's how it should be.


Blogger teemoney said...

Zion I hold it down!! Hard to find more open-minded cats than them. . .

November 11, 2005 10:57 AM  
Blogger seen510 said...

True & Livin' is Zion I's lasted (and I think) best album yet you need to pick that up.

I luv 40 for gettin' down with cats like Lyrics B. I get so tired of folks hatin' on so-called "backpack rap" I mean how can bay artists hate on each other like that...Isn't there enough folks hatin' already?

Let the fresh air blow through...damn..

Nice drops though...

November 12, 2005 5:23 PM  

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