Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Cover From Issue 2 Of My Old Magazine

I put that bad boy you see up there out in 1997, but I was working in this Bay Area hip hop industry for 3 years before that. I've been around this music shit for a long time. I've got history. That's the cover of issue 2 and I'm still real proud of that one 'cause I had a good mix of people in there from Mac Dre (RIP Andre Hicks) and Andre Nickatina to Closed Caption and Lateef & Lyrics Born. I did all the interviews in that issue (other than half of the Assassin piece) and took all the pictures of Mac Dre for his cover feature.

Just felt like throwing that old school cover up there for people. I still have a handful of copies of that issue laying around so if anyone wants one, hit me up and we can figure something out. True Bay Area hip hop collectible for ya.