Sunday, September 17, 2006

Y'all Together Couldn't Equal Me

Here's the new video from Hiero for "Don't Hate The Player" off the NBA 2K7 video game soundtrack produced by Dan The Automator.
Higher quality version at Decon Media

Download the track... "Don't Hate The Player"

I'm many weeks late (Months, maybe? I suck at blogging.) on posting about this, but here's a download link to Spec Boogie's album, On My Grind. The gist of it is that he lifted the beats from Pharrell's On My Mind album and put his own lyrics down. I've never been a huge Pharrell fan, but some of his beats have caught my ear so this album is perfect for me.

For more on Spec Boogie I highly recommend checking out Loosie, which besides being the label he's on
(once there just click the "Music" link for the record label side of things), is also a really well done online magazine that you should explore. Shot to the Loosie Promo Monkey for hooking me with the album.


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