Friday, September 08, 2006

Snatch You Off The Stage If You Ain't Rockin' Right

So pretty much everyday in my inbox I get all sorts of press releases, album downloads, single downloads, etc... which is great because I get info and music from tons of diverse artists from all over the place that I might never get exposed to if it weren't for this blog. But I've been lagging on posting some of this stuff for you guys and now I feel like a neglectful asshole. So here's "Stick N Move" by Born Unique from his solid mixtape, Bad News Born.

"Stick N Move" - Born Unique

The guy who produced this song is named Dox One which is similar to my name so that's a good start. On top of that, Born Unique is RAW AS FUCK. Dude drops that grimy, gritty, cracked pavement, broken window, bullet hole in the side of the building shit that seems to have taken a backseat in Hip Hop these days. Judging by what I heard on the Bad News Born mixtape, Born Unique could be one of those who helps bring it back.

By reading his bio and doing a little research I see that he is from Virginia and has appeared on his fair share of mixtapes including ones from both Kay Slay and Doo Wop. He's also released a few mixtapes of his own that have helped establish him throughout his region. I've been listening to this mixtape a few times a day for weeks now and it's got me anticipating a legit solo album from Born. Hopefully it's coming soon and gets some good distribution so other regions can have easier access to an impressive talent.

Note: I'm gonna contact Born's label, OK Kid Entertainment, and see if they'll let me post up another song from the mixtape called "Outta Ya Dome." Either that or "Bad News Born" because both of those are ridiculously good. If for some reason you're not feelin' "Stick N Move," I guarantee that you'll like one of those two songs.

Buy the Bad News Born mixtape at Digital Hustle (there's a couple of his other mixtapes there too)

And here's a couple other tracks for you to check out...

"Fire" - Potluck (This is a duo from way up in Northern Cali. Humboldt County to be exact, the goddamn homeland of world famous greenery. They've got two previous releases out I believe and this single is off their upcoming release, Straight Outta Humboldt, which drops September 19th.)

"Kitty Kat" (remix) - 2XL w/ E-40 (2XL are twin brothers on Tommy Boy Records. Reaching out to 40 for the remix is a good look.)


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