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"3 Freaks" Video - DJ Shadow, Keak Da Sneak, Turf Talk + Some Other Random Shit

So the video for "3 Freaks" is finally done and it looks great as you will see when you watch it below. Shadow has a big push behind him so there's no cheapo shit here. The company behind the video is Half-White Productions based out of Southern California and they also did the "Super Hyphy" video. I was just contacted by them and was told that they will have the "3 Freaks" video up at their site shortly in much better quality than what you get with YouTube The vid is up at their site. You can also watch the "Super Hyphy" video at their site. "3 Freaks" is gonna be on DJ Shadow's still untitled upcoming album which is sure to be a classic. So far I've found out that album will also have features from Q-Tip, David Banner and Little Brother. You can also see some behind the scenes photos from the "3 Freaks" shoot at DJ Shadow's site.

The Ambassador made the cover of last week's San Francisco Bay Guardian. The article is very good save for a few minor mistakes. If you can't find a print copy you can check it out here.

Also, check out this remix of "Tell Me When To Go" done by Trackademicks. Dude is making big moves and working with a lot of people including Mistah FAB, Balance, J. Stalin, Casual and Lyrics Born. He e-mailed me a bit ago so look for an interview/profile sometime soon.

Europe loves the Bay! This mixtape comes to us by way of France I believe. I was hipped to this by Kreme
(click that link and then click the banner at the top to go to the homepage for the mix). 31 tracks (some old, some new) of some of the Bay's best. It's nice to see that Bay Area music is appreciated like that overseas. Here's the cover and tracklist:

1. TooHard4TheFuckinRadioIntro
2. I Gotcha - The New Bay & Richie Rich
3. Pills And Weed - Turf Talk, Doonie Baby & Stress
4. So International - B-Legit & Too $hort
5. That's What's Up - Messy Marv
6. Timin' - E-40, San Quinn, B-Legit & Richie Rich
7. Whatugonedo? - Celly Cel
8. Thizzle Dance - Mac Dre
9. Rubber Burner - Too $hort
10. Slumper - Turf Talk & E-40
11. Step Ya Game Up - Ya Boy
12. We Ain't Listenin' - The Factors
13. Go Dumb - The Federation
14. Don't Let The Glasses Fool Ya - B-Slimm & Droop-E
15. Rock That - The Team
16. Do The Robot - Turf Talk, Young Mugzi & Kaveo
17. Sex, Drugs & Rap Money - Smigg Dirtee, CG & Steezo
18. Drop It Like It's Hot - Laroo, Lil Ric & Lil Cudi
19. Workout - Frontline
20. Makin' Moves (Lankizzle Remix) - Dynamic Duo
21. We Do It Movin' - Laroo, Turf Talk & Goldie Gold
22. Hoes In Here - The Federation
23. Town Shit - Keak Da Sneak
24. 707 - D-Shot & E-40
25. Fuck Wit Us - Killa Tay, Guce, Laroo & Luni Coleone
26. Tykoonin' - Laroo, Doonie Baby & Keak Da Sneak
27. Mask Cracked - San Quinn
28. We Roll 'Em - B-Legit & Dru Down
29. Super Sic Wid It - Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk & E-40
30. Oooh Ahh - E-A-Ski, Yukmouth & B-Legit
31. Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa - Mac Dre, KC Bobcat & Sauce

For US orders you can go here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The E-40 article's spin on recent Bay Area music goes like this; hyphy is safer and more fun and wholesome than your everyday gangster rap. Look, E-40, the man we tell you is the Duke of Hyphy, owns a burger joint.

Whatever, a newspaper of some note (The Guardian is of some note...? Whateva nigga) took the initiative to write a biopsy of the most eminent rap star to hail from the Bay since Tupac. That 3 Freaks video is hella corny. Mickey Finnegan is NOT a good director; I'm digging the theme of staid white people 'popping purple pills and going HYPHY at the sideshow' in Super Hyphy and the ridonkulous storyline of this video, but the shots of keak and turf talk amidst beezies against the wall is shittilly reminiscent of Jay-Z's "Jigga" video with the lens-flare crystals in the background. The "Tell Me When To Go" video, by contrast is, like, a bajillion times better at conveying a giggin'ly interesting image to accompany the hyphiness of the music

March 06, 2006 10:12 PM  
Blogger kreme said...

Thank you Doxx.

US customers can now purchase directly from

You can hear a free mp3 teaser on the homepage too.

March 11, 2006 8:03 AM  

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