Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Remember This?

"Time 4 Peace" - Digital Underground, Paris, Sway

Released during the Persian Gulf War in the early '90s, "Time 4 Peace" was pretty damn ballsy (especially Paris' verse: "...Make way for P Dog the Bush killa / cop killa / Black urban guerilla...") and actually got mainstream radio airplay. These days if someone put a song like this on a major station like KMEL, government stormtroopers would be kicking down the station door within a few minutes. You'd never see or hear that DJ again most likely.

It's nice to know that a song like this could get on the radio back then and it's really nice to remember that not too long ago rappers in the Bay could actually take some time and record something for a purpose and a belief. These days everyone is too busy going stupid, goin' dummy, scrapin', etc... to give a fuck about the world around them. It's pretty fuckin' sad actually. Of course The Coup and Paris are still putting themselves on the line, but beyond them it's pretty rare to hear something like this in the Bay.

Shit even Digital Underground put it down on this song and they were the fun lovin', party group of that time like the hyphy cats are now. Have any of the hyphy contingent stepped out of the box and done something like DU did on this track? If they have, I haven't heard it and I apologize for comin' down on 'em a little bit.

Anyway, enjoy the old song. If it makes you think too much, just take some E, mentally block out the lyrics and get dumb, retarded, hyphy to the beat. That's what we do in the Bay these days, right?


Blogger seen510 said...

I feel you...sometimes it seems like everybody's partyin' while babylon's burnin'...

But can you believe this song is still relevant today...timeless music indeed..

January 25, 2006 7:13 PM  

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