Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"How Dumb You Go" - New Track From Casual of Hieroglyphics

Click HERE for Casual's MySpace page and once you're there and the music player loads, click on the track titled "How Dumb You Go". edit: track has been taken down

This is some brand spankin' new shit from Casual. Unfortunately there is no download available, but the track is dope and it's produced by my old school folks Raytona500 aka Rhythmx from $ickWid'It Records / Pharmaceuticals / Tha FYA Dept. / Tha Blap Factory / Tha Spliffstonian Starship / Mobbservatory Musick.

Check back for an interview with Raytona500 aka Rhythmx real soon and I'm hopin' to get in touch with Casual for an interview as well.



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