Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some New Vids & Shit

Big Rich "That's The Business"

Celly Cel "Bay Classics"

The Federation "18 Dummy"

Bullys Wit Fullys (Guce & Messy Marv) "So Hood"

Bailey "U-C-It"

and for the wacky tobaccy lovers...

Aceyalone "High Lights"

Here's a link to the video at the Project Blowed website for a little better quality.

Acey's not from the Bay, but I've decided I'm gonna be covering a lot more stuff from outside the Bay Area. There's just too much stuff out there that people should hear and see.


Blogger Hummingbyrd said...

SH********T .

You got it poppin over her in yo corner of the innernet.

Me likey!

July 27, 2006 9:05 AM  
Anonymous GURPED OUT said...

Great update!

July 27, 2006 3:29 PM  
Blogger mr. pilly wonk said...

nice to see you back. i really like that big rich video.

July 29, 2006 4:05 PM  

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