Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy ChrismaKwanzukkah

Happy holidays and all that jive and a "no homo just in case" for that picture. I think that shit is funny as hell though. Another thing that's funny to me is Santa making kids cry so below is a picture of another drunk Santa making some ungrateful little punk cry. You can see a lot more pics like this here: Santa Is Best When He Makes Kids Cry

The holidays are a little rough this year since I'm losing my job next Friday and haven't found a new one yet, but hey, I'm still breathin' so it's not all bad.

I figured I'd drop a present here for the masses so here's the High Fo' Xmas EP from Master P's No Limit Records. I'm a little undecided about posting full albums here, but this shit is 10 years old and I'm pretty sure it's out of print by now so I figure it's okay for me to post it.

As you can see, P clearly got the inspiration for the High Fo' XMas cover from the drunk Santa picture up at the top. Thankfully, for the cover they kept the nudity to a minimum with only one shirt missing.

Anyway, when this compilation came out in 1995 I was geeked. Some of it is pretty cheesy with the whole Christmas theme, but there are some really good songs on it. In particular, "Chillin N Da Game" by Mafiosos is damn near perfect. It has no Christmas twist to it so it seems out of place here, but whatever. The song is great and Mafiosos really should have been a bigger duo in the Bay. Another favorite for me is "Locked Up Fo' Xmas" by King George. Everyone always clowns King George, but I really like this song so fuck off. Bay Area legend, Al "Baby Jesus" Eaton, produced it and kept the jingle bell sound rollin' through the whole thing and it worked. "Rev. Do Wrong Xmas Party" is another strong track especially when Dangerous Dame comes through and DEMOLISHES it. " 'tis the fuckin' season to be jolly / my favorite gifts is my bitch and my broccoli."

Here's a tracklisting for ya:
  1. High Fo' Xmas (Street Version) - San Quinn, Silk, Master P
  2. Intro
  3. Locked Up Fo' Xmas (Street Version) - King George
  4. Talk
  5. Jacking Fo' Da Holidays (Clean Mix) - Master P
  6. Chillin' N' Da Game (Street Version) - Mafiosos
  7. Ghetto Nite
  8. Christmas In Da Ghetto (Radio Version) - C-Murder, Master P
  9. Hood Carols
  10. Rev. Do Wrong Xmas Party (Street Version) - Big Ed, Lil Ric, Dangerous Dame
  11. No Limit Party (Remix Bonus Street Version) - Master P
Here's the album link: High Fo' Xmas - West Coast Bad Boyz (No Limit Records, 1995)

You're gonna need StuffIt Expander to open that bitch up.

Aww shit, happy holidays!!!


Anonymous JusAComment said...

Damn, that RevDoWrong Xmas Party is raw. The Mafiosos track might be better, but it was on their second album so I heard plenty times already... Some dope shit hear. I think is still be selling that album.

December 27, 2005 2:07 PM  
Anonymous JusAComment said...

Huh... how the hell did the phrase "some dope shit hear" get into my comment? I don't even remember typing that, not to mention the useless "be" in the last sentence.

December 27, 2005 2:21 PM  
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