Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some Off Topic Videos & The "I'm A" Video From The Product

This first video has nothing to do with Bay Area hip hop, but sometimes I gotta post some other shit. This video has been floating around the internerds for a while and everytime I watch it I can't stop laughing so fuck it, even though I'm late with posting this I'm gonna do it anyway. I looked at the YouTube stats for this thing and it's at almost 1,000,000 views or some shit and that's well deserved since the shit is good. I do have to say though that the first half or so is absolutely fuckin' hilarious, but at about the halfway mark the funny lines kinda drop off.

"Comb yo' beard. I don't wanna hear that shit."

This second video has nothing to do with Bay Area hip hop either other than the fact that a lot of rappers were influenced by the film that it came from. Turn your speakers down if you're at work for this one.

And finally...

This one has to do with Bay Area hip hop. It's the debut video from The Product, a new group consisting of Scarface, Young Malice and the Bay Area's own Willie Hen. The track is called "I'm A" and it's from their new album called One Hunid on Koch Records. I admit that I have yet to hear the album, but every word I've gotten about it is that it is SOLID. Here's a recent interview with the three from allhiphop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo doxx, could u send me those Mac Mill songs you were gonna send me? thanks i guess you just forgot.

March 11, 2006 10:49 PM  
Blogger mr. pilly wonk said...

doxx, thank you for that juggernaut cartoon. have you seen the GI joe PSA re-dubs? they're on youtube, pretty funny shit.

March 15, 2006 8:56 PM  
Anonymous leeper said...

I'm feeling YouTube's new PR move; getting MC Hammer to show up at their offices and look lost. Skip to 'One hour later...' and he watches the Look (Remix) on a tiny-ass YouTube window on one of their computers, wit commentary.

the blurg is fucking golden.

March 17, 2006 3:56 AM  
Blogger Doxx said...


I assume in the near future we're gonna be seeing some kind of cross-promotion between Hammer's new album and YouTube.

It's weird how they did the "one hour later" thing. Why even do that? It didn't really seem necessary.

March 28, 2006 2:46 PM  

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