Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pass The Mic / The Hype On Hyphy / Spice 1 Mega Mix / The Coup

Sorry for the lack of updates and I will be making a concerted effort to make this little shithole of a blog into a place Bay Area rap fans can go to get info.

Now, just a quick post to start my attempt at a return.

I guess Pepsi and Yahoo! have teamed up to showcase the creativity and talent in the hip hop world pretend that they give a fuck about the urban world so they can make a bunch of money with their Pass The Mic series. Basically each installment is focused on a particular city/area and has a bunch of rappers gettin' down. Previous installments include Houston, Los Angeles, New York, etc... Here's the Bay Area edition. Note: It seems Pepsi and Yahoo! are both into being anally raped by Bill Gates since you can't watch their shit on a Mac so below is a YouTube of it.

It was pretty decent. Too $hort's did his tried and true thing, his old Asian limo driver was dope, Numskull ripped it (He needs to drop something. What the hell has he been doing lately?), FAB was tight and it was good to hear Dru again. My main comment though really is... They should have made that shit like five minutes longer and just let Quinn rip for the whole final five. That guy (and rappers like him) is who the industry should be focusing on when it comes to Bay Area rap.

Also I guess BET did something called The Hype On Hyphy. Here ya go...



Bay Area rap collector/archivist, r8r, did a monstrous mix of songs from one of my favorite Bay Area rappers - Spice 1. You can download it by clicking here. I think about 9,374 people are killed over the course of the thirty-six tracks. Here's a tracklisting for ya:

1. Intro/187 Proof (OG Version)

2. 187 Proof 2
3. 187 Pure
4. Ghetto Thang
5. The Boss Mobsta
6. Born 2 Die
7. Clip & Tha Trigga
8. You Know You Fucked Up
9. Playa Man
10. You Got Me Fucked Up
11. Recognize Game w/ Ice-T, Too $hort
12. In My Neighborhood
13. The Murda Show w/ MC Eiht
14. Dontcha Runaway
15. Runnin Out Da Crackhouse
16. Suckas Do What They Can w/ Roger, Too $hort, Yukmouth
17. Give The G A Gat
18. One Luv w/ C-Bo
19. Mind Of A Sick Nigga
20. Snitch Killaz
21. Trigga Happy
22. Jealous Got Me Strapped w/ 2Pac
23. East Bay Gangsta
24. U Can't Fade Me
25. You Can Get The Gat For That
26. Break Yourself
27. Peace To My 9
28. Welcome To The Ghetto
29. Strap On The Side
30. Im The Fucken Murderer
31. Sucka Ass Niggas
32. If It Aint Rough It Aint Me
33. Stickin To The G Code
34. Lucky Im Rappin w/ Jayo Felony
35. What The Fuck w/ N.O.R.E.
36. 976-SPICE

And finally...

Go buy
Pick A Bigger Weapon, the new album from The Coup on Epitaph Records. They are true Bay Area pioneers with actual messages and meaningful topics in their music and they deserve support. The Bay Area is getting a whole shitload of attention musicwise, but the nature of the beast is that the media likes to overfeed the public bitesized, convenient, easy to categorize things. That's why damn near anything you hear about in the mainstream media is about "hyphy." Because of this The Coup and MANY other extremely talented people out here get the shaft. At least give this a listen and see what you think: "My Favorite Mutiny" featuring Black Thought from The Roots and Talib Kweli.

Also, get your ass over to Cocaine Blunts and read both parts (part three is coming soon) of noz's interview with Boots from The Coup. There's a ton of background info on not only The Coup, but the Bay Area hip hop scene in general. Can you imagine a Bay Area record label with a roster of 2Pac, The Coup, Spice 1 and Mopreme from Thug Life? It could have happened.


Blogger Mike T said...

Welcome Back

May 02, 2006 6:05 PM  
Blogger SergDun said...

man they must have just filmed that yahoo bit, that spot Nex just opened on divis. well at least with in the last month or so.

May 15, 2006 11:12 PM  
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All this stuff is so damn cool!
I was wondering if there is any link to download Pick A Bigger Weapon, which seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

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